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2020: DBmarlin launch

The database monitoring space has become overcrowded, but most offerings are now bloated and over-complicated. We want to return to the simplicity of "three clicks to the root cause". DBmarlin is a user-friendly, cost-effective, deep-dive database performance monitoring solution to help application teams solve problems quickly.

2019: Rigor Partnership

There are many synthetic website monitoring solutions on the market, but what impressed us most about Rigor was the optimisation module, which applies over 300 best practices to recommend and correct the causes of poor site performance. It can even form part of your CI/CD workflow to stop defects reaching production.

2017: Brought OverOps to the UK

If you've struggled to reproduce production errors in testing, then OverOps could be your solution. It analyses code in production, automatically detects and delivers the root cause for all errors, presenting source code, variable states and debug logs in real time. It can form a quality gateway in your CI pipeline.

2016: Brought Instana to the UK

Instana was created as a new type of application and infrastructure monitoring designed to cope with modern, dynamic, complex mixes of cloud native and traditional environments. We love the highly granular approach to data capture, great support for containerised apps, and the simple pricing model, which make it a great fit for many modern fast-moving organisations.

2013: DBTuna bought 
by AppDynamics

AppDynamics was seeking a deep-dive database monitoring solution to bolster their APM solution. DBTuna fitted the bill nicely. Over the years, it has been upgraded and incorporated into their own solution as Database Visibility, although the original standalone versions are still supported.

2013: Partnered with CGI

After working with their predecessor, Logica, in one of their key telecoms accounts, we struck a long-lasting partnership with CGI. Since then, we have supported them to deploy, understand and realise the benefits of APM in a number of their key clients and projects.

2010: Brought AppDynamics 
to the UK

AppDynamics launched as the first of the new generation of APM solutions, with features like automated discovery and instrumentation, which set it apart from the competition. We were privileged to introduce them into the UK market and have supported and worked with this "leading-quadrant" software vendor ever since.

2009: Launched WebTuna

We applied what we learned with DBTuna to Real User Monitoring. We wanted to ensure that aggregation and summarisation didn't destroy the detail and hide the real reasons for poor website performance. Our approach of keeping performance data on every transaction is key to problem solving.

2007: Launched DBTuna

Too many database monitoring products focused on statistics and infrastructure at the time. We knew that looking at the individual SQL queries was key to understanding why they ran slowly and in turn, why their applications ran slowly. We set out to produce a new DB monitoring solution that brought SQL to the front.

2004: AP Founded

We founded AP out of the realisation that joined up APM was essential in understanding how to identify and solve performance issues. The messages in our vision—we believe everyone deserves fast, reliable applications that deliver great user experiences—is as true today as it was back then.

1998: Before AP

Our three co-founders came together in 1998 while working at Precise Software, where they launched the first true end-to-end APM solution. We continued supporting Precise customers until 2020.

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